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Macunama of Mrio de Andrade is to clear report in the expressions way used in the century XIX, with words in the language of the tribe Tapanhumas and Juca Pirama of in an epic poem that brings in to her language lyrical European lines, that even with the characteristic of nationalist indianista will be the language an Indian europeizado Brazilian is noticed. The changes contained in the language inside of those two authors in relationship the great works of the Brazilian literature will be analyzed deeply in this article. WORD-KEY: Romanticism. Modernism. Language.

1 Academic of VI the Portuguese Block of Letters of the UESPI and Pedagoga for the FAP. INTRODUCTION: The present article is a critical analysis of the language and the culture of two distinct times and goes off of the Brazilian society. The studied generations, exactly having as main focus the strong nationalism, deal with it different forms, concomitantly following its molds, being the same boarded nationalism at two moments but with total divergent vises. The marcante presence of the indian, while first inhabitant of Brazil and its culture will serve of parameter stop all the quarrel here proposal. For even more opinions, read materials from Michael Chabon. The Romantismo, still without identity and criticidade, characterizes its national hero, the indian, as the European model of medieval knight, giving to the Brazilian indian esteretipo of bravery and extraordinary force, what it distorts the effective reality at that time, being the composed society for whites, indians and blacks, these discriminated and considered beings without soul, this being well-known in just independent Brazil, then the indian for not having more options of a total Brazilian people exaltava itself, since with the recent conquest of Brazilian independence the Portuguese people was not cyst well this way, the black occupied the platform lowest of the social life and being enslaved he did not have could be homaged, sobraram the indian to it, for the exclamaes and exhortations of a national hero, thus one became, had become the Brazilian, wild indian, the center of its literary compositions known beyond sea.


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