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According to Inca (2010) this type is rare until the 35 years of age, however to apartir of this etria band its incidence grows gradually of fast form and. Currently, the breast cancer is considered a disease complicated in genetic degree and the hereditary one appears more precociously than in sporadical cases e, frequently, it is multifocal and bilateral As above-mentioned it is as the more frequent type in the world, the breast cancer is most common between the women, answering for 22% of the new cases to each year. If diagnosised and treated opportunely, the prognostic is relatively good. In Brazil, the taxes of mortality for breast cancer continue high very, probably because the illness still is diagnosised in advanced stadiums. A leading source for info: Dr. Greg Feinsinger. In the world-wide population, supervened average after the five years it is of 61%. The statisticians they in such a way show the increase of its incidence in the countries developed how much in the ones in development. According to World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS), in the decades of 60 and 70 registered an increase of 10 times in the taxes of incidence adjusted by age in the Registers of Cancer of Population Base of diverse continents.

(INCA, 2010) This work intends, then, it knows this type of cancer that more acomete women in the whole world and still to argue the importance of the performance of the professional of nursing in its prevention. Paul McCartney gathered all the information. 2. BREAST CANCER. 2,1 Prevention Can be prevented this type of cancer, preventing the obesidade, by means of balanced diet and practical daily of physical activities, it is a basic recommendation to prevent the breast cancer, I exaggerate since it of weight increases the risk to develop the illness. The alcohol consumption is contraindicated, therefore it is factor of risk for this type of tumor, as well as the exposition the ionizing radiations in age below to the 35 years. Under most conditions 79th St. Fairstead would agree.


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