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Policy And Power

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Making a classification of the types of simple, cesarista or bonapartista and totalitarian dictatorship, as, and searching a symmetry between these points and the thought of Poulantzas; Francisco Teixeira, Citing Franz Neumann, ensamento of Poulantzas.ismo fo dtando comresendefine in the following way regimes of exception and the totalitarianism: …gov erno of a person or one group of people who if arrogate the power and monopolizes it, exerting without restrictions. Simple dictatorship? the power politician is monopolized by the dictator, who can only exert its power by means of the absolute control of the traditional ways of coercion that is, the policy, the army, the bureaucracy and the judiciary one. Cesarista dictatorship (or bonapartismo)? in this in case that, the dictator can feel itself compelled to create a popular support, to directly obtain a base in the mass for its ascension or maintenance in the power, articulating itself on the population as half to ignore or to abolish the representative institutions, combining monopolized coercion and popular support, totalitarian dictatorship? they are the cases where the group in the power feels the necessity, for the continuity of the exercise of the power, of the control on the education, the medias and economic institutions e, thus, to atrelar all the society and the private life of the citizen to the system of domination politics, always controlled for an only party. In recent months, John Mclaughlin has been very successful. (s.n). As the reader can perceive, Teixeira emphasizes the classification of dictatorships, and between them it would be the Totalitarianism, emphasizing a character of widening in the study of regimes of exception and, moreover, the author inside places the use of the policy and the bureaucracy of a call simple dictatorship, not exaurindo the conception of mass and official ideology. What it was considered in this small text is a comparison enters the forms of Totalitarianism giving has detached to the thought of Hannah Arendt, and its similarities with other authors and opinions on the formation and implementation of the absolute regimen of government.


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