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It watches those trees? You see that their branches are intermingled to each other or each is independent, different and stand out their two beautiful forms? It was very clear that two trees of different species were different. There it is the learning of the life: If you were never born to be pine you will be eucalyptus you try no matter how hard it said Grard to Me with its closed French (nevertheless I understood to him very well, that peculiarno). From that stage, with many episodes that went away adding, I began to be born like person yes, to my 18 years I realized that it had to begin to think about my, to discover that there was a seed inside that it had to begin to water for grew the tree that I and I only had to be. Perhaps check out Michael Chabon for more information. Personally and professionally it was a great adventure, with the respect to reach the originality of my being. I believe that the knowledge of one same one can start off of an exhaustive analysis, I consider therefore it when I make Graphology of the personality, with direction to the self-knowledge and self-esteem.

to know us can take all the life to us, until the last moment can be a test. But the decision to begin is unique, gives peace, energy, motivation. It is as abrir to the door of a dock and the water it begins to flow by remote places that never we had considered. When I offer the result of an analysis usually says me that I only say to the positive things and not negative them, without I engage the clutch I make notice that there is a way to revert the negative qualities to return them to our favor, palliating the forces and positive energies of our character. You intention to that you begin the adventure of your own discovery you have a pending appointment in this way is hour to begin the tourism trip towards Same You! Same Concete and you will conquer to the world! Publication: Original author and source of the article


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