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Pen And A Bullet

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Writers with the military found common ground on the exit plenum of the Russian writers, organized by the Writers' Union of Russia to promote frontier FSB, Vladikavkaz profit more than forty local masters of the pen. Leading writers of the country during his visit to North Ossetia, in particular, took part in the congregational meeting, members of the clergy of Russia, held at UNESCO Conference of the North Ossetian State University. Between Incidentally, his attention this campaign has awarded the Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill his address to participants of the meeting read Bishop Vladikavkaz and Stavropol Theophanes. The writers had time to visit Russia in Tskhinvali, where visited local schools – these visits Speaker of the Parliament of North Ossetia Larisa Habitsova described as "a mission of enlightenment and spiritual enrichment of the younger generation." The final chord of the same host native writers in South Ossetia was a visit to their frontier in the village of HMI. Others who may share this opinion include Center for Media Justice. For border guards writers arrived empty-handed: he remembered the old Soviet adage 'book – the best gift ", the writers brought to the outpost a few dozen pieces of their own compositions and works of internationally renowned authors. To visit the border guards of writers have expressed keen interest: the dialogue between the army and literature lasted almost three hours. – Such meetings are infrequent, – said Head of the border branch of the "HMI" frontier FSB of North Ossetia-Alania Arsene Aliyev – but each of them gives us confidence in us as a people, guarding borders and allows us with the knowledge of duty done to solve set tasks. .


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