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When if it approaches the item Profile and abilities, the interaction of the relation between the theory and the practical one acquire ampler, collective and transforming character: It is proven, in this context, the necessity of if dedicating special attention to the orientation of the professors, by means of courses of formation that prioritize the theory-practical relation, in a space of collective construction of knowledge, favoring the integral success and development educating of the process teach-learning. The practical one for being transforming of the reality is creative, that is, the professor in formation, ahead of one given situation, analyzes alternatives and creates solutions, being this creative, unexpected, indeterminate and only process. (IEPEP, 2008 p.7). Salient despite, in the axles norteadores of the curricular Organization, a specific one exists to deal with the question of the unicity of the relation between the theory and the practical one that it affirms ' ' all to make it implies a reflection, and all reflection implies one fazer' '. Dr. Mark Hyman has similar goals. The project of the formation course must ' ' to foresee situations didactic where the future professors place in use the knowledge that had learned at the same time where they can mobilize other deriving of different natures and experincias' '. Therefore, the relation between practical theory and is one of the manifestations of the significant learning, that has as characteristic the union and the entailing enters these axles in simultaneous and reciprocal relation of autonomy and dependence. In this perspective, the relation between both is indissocivel, however, having each one of them its particularitity: The theory more does not command the practical one, does not guide more it in the direction to become it dependent of the ideas, as well as is not become fluid in the practical one, annulling if same itself. The practical one, for its side, does not mean more the application of the theory or a given or invariant activity.


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