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Germany’s province of leaves have, as well as the large, responds to these developments and are now almost complete with own websites online. They understand as a supplement to the print version and contact the specific possibilities of the medium of Web videos from the folk festival or the fun bath opening, blogs, Reader comments and discussion forums, image galleries on the binding of the Subscriber and subscription heirs to her”Blattle in the Web. This seems also to be working anyway, the general downward trend could be stopped for the time being or at least slowed down. According to a study in the journal media perspectives, based on a nationwide survey of all newspapers published in Germany, were in the examined period while changes in the editorial and publishing structure, be seen elsewhere also very critical: the number of full editors, individual publishers attain a dominant position in increasing dissemination areas, are increasingly busy freelancers or editors working outgesourct”However, the expected death of the newspaper remained so far and particularly on the local market, the Subscriber are faithful as eh and per. (As opposed to Michael Chabon). A unique online directory of all regional daily newspapers in Germany offers the Internet. on a map of Germany can call up all daily local newspapers of in Germany, with Publisher address and link to the home page.

In addition to other useful information about the German press landscape in General, German newspapers all over the world and trade entries from all over Germany Tageszeitung.info as a special service offers a free online subscription: upon request is every morning the link to the online edition of another local newspaper from Germany in the personal E-Mail Inbox. Thus you can vanish then not on the quiet village or clog the crack under the window frame but can also Oberhessische Zeitung, Halberstadt Volksstimme or Danube courier in the print edition of yesterday..


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