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TOP 10 – December Defects and solutions for notebooks and netbooks In this article we wrote on the 10 most defects are found in PCs and Netbooks and actions, the most commonly used methods to solve them, this article serves to users and IT professionals who already know the basic procedures for disassembly and assembly of PCs, if none of your business please visit our support network at and interact with other states in order to know the methods of disassembly, you can also ask us visit. 1. Laptop hangs on boot, or reset after a period of Seen causes and solutions have already checked: A) Check the specifications of current and voltage to meet the needs of your notebook, if you do not provide a source of compatible B) Remove the battery and test again, faulty batteries cause this symptom C) Using virus checkers and cleaners of recording and analyzing Notebook D) Use diagnostic programs to check possible errors in memory and other peripheral devices E) a faulty memory and hard drive bad blocks or is very fragmented can lead to this symptom, if you can try and do another RAM function tests HD F) Check the laptop from overheating and the cooling fans are calling in while the use of thermal paste on the processor can be worn and the ventilation system may be broken inside the dust in these cases, the laptop will be disassembled and cleaning procedures and internal exchange of thermal compound should be performed. .


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