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The professor must together with above all be the available didactic resources, formed of the knowledge and of the content to be given in classroom and so that this occurs it is necessary that the professor is always searching through reading, searching new levels of formation, to participate of meeting and qualifications and to search in day-by-day of the pupil interacting content with practical, making with that the pupil can observe in its half one what is passed in classroom. We understand that geography for being one disciplines of social sciences, it better has for responsibility the social formation of the individual and nothing that this is to make with that the professor conciliates the theory of classroom with the practical one lived by the current society. A method that must very be well explored in the lessons of geography and in social science as a whole is practical of field, the sight here as a form to transform the life social, the landscapes that in are familiar in a great classroom, bringing the pupil to not only study what it is presented in the lessons, more experience in the practical one what it is demonstrated by the master, to feel that all the beauties, the social problems and everything who if is studied are actively in ours day-by-day, to show that for the globalization, something that it occurs day-by-day in another country backwards consequences for ours. Through an experience carried through in the school Mayor Antonio Feitosa Conserve, located in the city of Juazeiro of the North, in which I carried through my period of training, we develop some contents in classroom as industries and ambient questions and to the end of the same ones we carry through a field lesson, where we can observe in the reports of the pupils who the apprehension of the content that had the field lessons, it was well bigger of what the ones that had had only expositivas lessons in room.


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