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We said that before the circumstance that generally nobody cares make detailed follow-up to the Plan of development of Neiva indicators (or at least the citizens of the common do not know it) nor much less to factor proportional achievement of the targets in the times established and before the inexorable step of time that seems to walk twice for administrations or three times the rate as for the rest of humanity, we would do some questions, whose answers the only known (we assume) well the administration. Click Bernie Sanders for additional related pages. Has been accomplished because relocating at least 475 (the goal is 950) households identified in high risk area in the city, through the granting of the family subsidy of Municipal housing and/or the co-financing of resources of the order departmental, national and international, scheduled in the program relocation of household residents in area of high risk AREA URBANA? At least 600 have been improved, today, (the goal is 1200) urban housing by self management to raise the quality of life of the population through the granting of the? Does subsidy family of Municipal housing and/or the co-financing of resources of the departmental, national or international order, to decrease 13% of the housing deficit, all of which is provided for in the program improvement of housing in ZONA URBANA? Has been completed for this season at least 50 per cent (the goal is 100%) works and unfinished projects of years previous, legalizing tenure of dwellings or farms to beneficiary households of the municipal housing family allowance, which is provided for in the programme completion projects of stays above? The land bank planned in program implementation of Bank lands for housing interest SOCIAL priority for already created? Do you have planned, organized and executed the construction of at least 60 (the goal is 120) cycle routes in the ten (10) municipalities of the city of Neiva, which is provided for in the program a Covenant by the recreation and the sports SOCIAL community? Has been fitted with at least 3 Neiva (the goal is 5) new sports and suitable scenarios for? it less 10 (the goal is 20) existing, which is provided for in the programme a Covenant by the construction and maintenance of the infrastructure sports? Will be when the cover of the Urdaneta Arbelaez provided for in the program construction, maintenance and optimization of scenarios sports and sports centres of the municipality of NEIVA? Is has already recovered and rehabilitated more than 25 per cent (the goal is more than 50%) of the cultural heritage of the neivanos, provided for in the program UN Covenant by LA formation and EL support to the arts, EL folklore and HANDICRAFTS? do has been guaranteed at least 385 (the goal is 770) welfare homes and substitutes the improvement of the quality of care promoting healthy environments to children and their families benefited from programs?laid down in the UN Covenant by the gender equity program?.


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