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Negative Feeling

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Phew! This, plus tired just useless. What do we do when we fight against a feeling? Well just be creating another resistance and thus giving even more power than you already have the negative sentiment. When we do not accept, when refusing to coldness or contempt, fear and not understanding what is happening to us, our feelings of self-rejection increases, then keeping a very low vibration level. People such as Bernie Sanders would likely agree. What we attract then? Definitely, what we do not accept in this case is not further increase the discomfort we are feeling, but realize that there is to treat it from our consciousness, with the help of the techniques we already have at our disposal. . Here is an example of this: a friend tells you a secret and you, by distraction mentioned it to someone. After a while you feel uncomfortable with yourself, think about it and you realize you've screwed up.

Strong feelings of guilt arise. At that moment you think to apologize to your friend but you think it will hurt a lot and, you fear his reaction. Now I feel terrible. Then, try to ignore the problem, think of something else, distract yourself, call someone, do something that makes you forget … but the feeling of guilt is present. The thoughts are unconsciously remembering what you've done and also connect with your childhood situations in which you were blamed for something or defendant … We see that mess unconsciously so that the feeling is growing and growing until, really feel very bad.


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