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Spiders can only a Oever basic HTML code. They do not recognize complex JavScript applications, animations in flash (only superficially) and other complex codes. Algorithms Once the electronic form has the information on your site within the database, applies a mathematical formula on the content to determine the position (known as an algorithm). These algorithms vary in each search engine and are adjusted periodically to improve the quality of their results. However, we know that all the Search engines look for keywords within the site to assign a value in terms of relevance and focus of the site. To make more effective the spider to visit our site, we recommend that you take into account perhaps the most important: content.

At aranasa a like the content is recommended that each page contains at least 200 to 400 words in content. The machines leena a no code, so a site based on images or programmed applications will not help much to give 100% visibility. Each page within your site should be unique in content and optimization. Remember to use a title, description and keywords (keywords) unique to help customize each section in your site. Consider the title of your site as another aspect of importance to optimize, it will be the first that looks like when you get listed in Search engines. Also remember to place the particular content of each page in an accessible location for the search spider. They traverse the site from left to right and from top to bottom.

The Links For incoming and outgoing links, you must focus on three types of links: the internal (within sites that want to list your site), external (those sites that wish to list your friends on your web site) and within the same site (referred to Navigation own site.) Once you understand this, you have the knowledge necessary to be ready to begin the hard work concerning the positioning Web. Never forget that search engines update their databases data and can be left out of search results pages without notice, so it is advisable that you monitor the movements of the Web site as they pass the days, months or even years. Conclusion Never believe that the development of an online strategy stems from a the night to mananaa , instead of this, think in terms of medium to long term (6-12 months). For that you need tools to track site statistics. Choose the one you think appropriate and welcome to the world of SEO positioning.


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