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A lyric poet who confesses its love, express a conception of the reality of its passional state; an economist who, for example, displays its ideas regarding the Brazilian economy, express its conception of our economic reality; … (Blackberry, p.50-51, 2006) Following the Blackberry thought, must be known, in first place, that the literary composition transmits a conception subjective of the reality. One understands for subjective what he is only of an individual in relation to one determined subject. History ' ' Blond of the car of glasses pretos' ' , collated with this affirmation, literature could not be considered, therefore it does not possess subjectivity in its context; but, the text if incases in the characteristics of a type of literature: verbal literature – as we saw previously. Following in search to distinguish literature from not literature, according to Blackberry: …

2 – We must, after that, to establish that, it has two types of conception of the reality: intuitiva and individual conception, and the rational and universal conception. The intuitiva and individual conception is the way that each one of us has to feel itself exactly and to see the reality external (real or imaginary); the rational and universal conception is the way as intelligence human being, working according to specific, proper rules of each branch of Sciences Human beings and of Natural Sciences, it interprets the psychological or physical reality; … (Blackberry, p.50-51, 2006) Now, fits we will understand that the difference enters the two types of conception of the reality is what it differentiates the literature of not-literature. For Blackberry, the intuitiva and individual conception is the form of the author to write on definitive subjects being expressed its only way to interpret the facts. In history ' ' Blond of the car of glasses pretos' ' , the author tells using its rational and universal conception, expressing a form to think common, similar to the one of many people in reaction to the facts.


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