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initions telematics Opheo 3.5 qualified dispatchers to predictive controllers efficiency review additional performance metrics – any change of plans leading tour directly from the plan automatically to the recalculation. Hamburg, 20.03.2013. The initions AG presents (04th-07th June 2013) at the transport of logistic fair in Munich the transport management system Opheo 3.5. The new version of the tried and tested software allows dispatchers to check whether the vehicles are efficiently used directly to the tour. To the dispo cockpit was extended by Opheo additional performance indicators. The efficient usage of the vehicle fleet is one of the core objectives of each truck dispatching. But often is trusted in the planning phase only on the experience of the schedulers.

Performance indicators collected an afterthought if the transports are carried out already. But then it is too late to change anything. Opheo 3.5 supports a key figure the dispatchers therefore already tour. Any change of plan leads to an automatic Recalculation of figures, so the dispatcher for each vehicle immediately recognize how to changed the load through a rescheduling. Because the different indicators are used according to mode of transport, Opheo was equal to several evaluation variables, such as the proportion of empty miles, kilometres per ton or the utilization of the tour added. The values represented directly in the cockpit of the disposition, which is the core of Opheo. Here, the MRP controller via drag & drop can schedule tours or generate planning suggestions. While all manual interventions of the dispatchers are checked in real time with a comprehensive set of rules.

In this way, errors and resulting costs can be avoided much. The innovation allows Opheo an accompanying performance controlling already in the planning phase and evaluates the dispatchers to the planning controller. Inefficient vehicle use can be detected at an early stage in this way and avoided before a shipment takes place. The initions AG exhibits in Hall B2 at booth 109.


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