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In them it is essential to take into consideration the time of day as the mist and the position of the Sun, because the direction of illumination is the key. The caves are well represented in the area. They have value Speleological and heritage, being the emblem of all the great cavern of Santo Tomas, a national Natural Monument. It is located in the community the Moncada, nearly 15 km. West of Vinales, in the highway that joins the community of Pons and Cayo Jutias Vinales. A small detour and a notice indicating how to reach the cavern easily allow you to locate the place, located in the Santo Tomas Valley, through which flows the river of the same name. It originated around the cave system, which develops in the burning saw. This cavern or great cave is the most extensive in Cuba and one of the greatest length of the Caribbean and America.

It has several levels of caves and possesses secondary formations of great beauty. Some of their galleries are open to the public and to visit used lamps, helmets and other equipment, since virtually all cave is in its natural state. These visits are served by cavers who serve as guides and are experts in this work. As the cave system largest in Cuba and have served as a school community of cavers of Cuba National caving Doctor Antonio Nunez Jimenez school has been built next to this cave. This school is a Centre for studies of the area of Vinales karstic phenomena. This community was one of the first built after the triumph of the revolution and its architecture is almost unique in Cuba.

Their single-storey houses have their brick walls, which form fanciful shapes and curious drawings. The exterior paint are own bricks. It is very small and has a very harmonious urbanization. Between each House gardens there is good care with grass and flowers. Close to the square the monument known as the Malagones, built in honor of the first Cuban militia. It was found together with a small museum where are released very interesting events in the recent history of the town and Cuba. Continura. Original author and source of the article.


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