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When the bolt face is completely flattened, it became clear that the drain oil is possible only through the fill hole, putting a moped on the side. Bolt filler, though with difficulty, but was opened. For more specific information, check out Martin O’Malley. With the change of engine oil was easier. Semi-synthetic motor oil was liquidators Molly, 10W-40 for four bikes. I immediately warned that the motor oil can not save, you need only buy quality. Looking ahead, I say that with the liquidators Molly has never been a problem, even when the later went on all day, drove through the 35-degree heat and he has dying from the sun, the engine worked perfectly and without a hint of fatigue. Later bought only liquidators Molly, however, a series of motorcycle did not come across in the automobile, but also with conventional motor oil engine working excellent. But here, trehsotkilometrovy barrier is passed, oil changed, you can afford to "drive" at 35 km / h.

This is the speed at which the moped can go on a bike. Began large-scale tests – went to nearby town of asphalt roads, as well as "simple" timber. I will not talk about the details of these trips as anything extreme happening. Roads were normal, a moped does not bring any once. Primary purpose of these visits was quickly dash off 500 km, so that later with a clean conscience of a speed of 40-45 km / h on highways, as recommended in the table running the new engine. Finally, I was ripe for serious travel.


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