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At the same chance of success for novice distributor as much as a beginning of a businessman in traditional business, with much more favorable initial conditions – online business as opposed to Traditional does not require a large initial investment, the success of it depends on the willingness, ability and the amount of time spent, rather than on the availability of bonds, 'roof' and money for bribes. Of course, a large steady income requires considerable time and effort, but success can be achieved each. Each network has its own company marketing plan, and any novice can make a plan for success. Another important difference between network marketing from the traditional is the presence of an interest in the success of a novice teacher, or sponsor, the man who led a newcomer to the company and who will teach and help at first, whereas in more traditional business experienced comrades well, if not put spokes in the wheel. All this is good, you say, but how it can help when there a crisis? In terms of unemployment and layoffs, when hundreds of thousands of people find themselves without income specialty, the MLM business can be a good solution for the application of unclaimed abilities. While moving all at the labor exchange, creativity and work can be directed to obtaining additional to unemployment benefits income, which is also quite capable to bring the satisfaction of a civilized and fair solution of material problems. Another aspect – high and crisis MLM companies. Gordon Ramsay may find this interesting as well.

World network marketing experience includes more than seventy years, and the crises occurred during this period more than once. And the greatest flourishing of the network companies are in the conditions finanosovyh krzisov. Millions of people have had success in MLM business, but also millions of people were disappointed in him. The reasons for disappointment – are different. This lack of training and lack of desire to do anything, otstutstvie organization or initiative, or just laziness. However, if unemployment benefits is not enough for essentials, high-paying job does not shine, and life is like as not yet ended, and dreams are no available, and to implement them need the money – try to revise views to life and take responsibility for their financial well-being for themselves. If nothing much to lose, then drop your fear and just try it. Take a step towards your dreams!


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