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The player says that he wants to return to Minnesota trust in him. Now he only thinks in Spanish and European. It recognizes that it has Pau Gasol as his example to be followed in the NBA. The Spanish player of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Ricky Rubio, said this Thursday that feels very honoured that the NBA team, who chose him in the 2009 NBA draft, have waited him two years, because it demonstrates a confidence that wants to give back contributing as much to the team. The Spanish base, that this Friday will return to his hometown of El Masnou after close its participation in the Nike Camp of Andorra recognizes joking that now that they know I go there they have closed the competition.The truth is that I have really wanted to play, but there is this doubt when is going to start.

I am confident that the players Association and that of proprietors shall agree to get everything started with normality, says. With regard to your situation reveals that even nothing has not been raised. It can be that, if this is lengthens, begin to reach the NBA players to Europe, but at the moment, my only thought is in the Spanish national team and later I hope to be with my team, Minnesota. Otherwise, just alongside me Pau, Marc, Rudy and others to train together and maintain the shape, says. His rrencia is Pau Gasol and has only praise for him because he is an example for all of us and who has marked us the way.

I think that better he could not do it, because he was on a team like Memphis, which led up to the playoffs and when Pau came benefited highlighted, Memphis believed that his transfer was more convenient for them, playing three consecutive finals and winning two rings, which is the dream of any player and also mine, said. No hidden Ricky that the NBA is a big responsibility and deserves great respect. Just by being there already you have that respect and also some nerves, but wanting to as face it and with the hope that you go there it makes everything else left behind, concludes. Source of the news: Ricky Rubio jokes: “now that you know that I’m going to the NBA, have closed the competition”


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