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Minarets: Legitimate Criticism Is Islamophobia?

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Summary of the open and demokratischen DISKurs at 10?12.? 2009 versuch a freien and demokratischen StellungNahme of kritischen MUSLim/innen is not an issue at the moment in the PuBLIC DISkusSIon about Islam so aktuell like the reSult of the referendum against the construction of Moscheen (wohlgemerkt with MInaretten) in the Switzerland. Others who may share this opinion include urban treatment associates. The emporten reAKTIONEN and emotionalisierten closing folGErunGen were not unbekannt and therefore not very unerwartet: the so-genannte isLMoPHOBIE in the Switzerland is spreading around? Are MUSlim_inNEN now also politisch diskriminiert? Have the Schweizer_inNEN Islam only prejudices GEGenuber? Are they cooking xenophobic? How did this uberRAschenden ABLehnung? The Swiss people voting against the construction of Moscheen with MInaretten may show the wachsende hostility to Islam. Many so genannte MInaretten-GegnerInNEN may be too xenophobic. But us not in soziologischen interpretation patterns aufzuHALten and sozio-okonoMIschen SPEKulTIONEN (MUSlim_inNEN are the new Sin nBoECKE\”) verirren, we wollen accept PoSItion there. What has the reSult of umstrittenen Swiss folk ENTscheids for us, free minds as inITIATIve reform movement of the isLAMS? We are accept a welChen point? We rusten us with intelligenten and politisierenden arGumenTTIONEN against the reSult or we solidarisieren us with the so spaces betroffenen\”mainstream – MUSlim_inNEN and mulTIKulTI – AnhanGER-innen? In the deutschsprachigen PuBlic, many AnLYSen were preSenTed to PLACED this reSult in the context of an inCREasing, politisch motivated isLMoPHOBIE. They like from sozialwissenschaftlicher perspective erklaren the sozio-psychologische verHALten of Schweizer_inNEN and beGrunden their ABLehnung.

However this repreSenTation don’t ansatzweise tangiert to the GESamTe WirkLichkeit to the ausLeGung and studies of the isLAMS, the existierenden muslimischen FAMILien, many islamischen to fundamentalistischen GEMeinSchaften and Verbande belong. To have an analysis without the herrschende image of praktizierten Islam in sight, is not gerecht all the gesamtgesellschaftlichen condition. Always again be blockiert basic meeting like the individuelle EmanZiPATIon from reLiGIoS argumentierten chains in open DISKurSen on the topic of Islam, because nobody before this intra-Community meeting and Probleme and PoLiTiCAL Debatten about ideologische GrundsatzLichKeiten have to be bedient.


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