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The only 26 year old Christiane Stenger is one of Germany’s brightest minds. Munich, October 2013 – the former triple world memory champion and ZDFneo presenter Christiane Stenger is godmother of the action “1setzen!” by the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk for opportunity-oriented education: all projects that support children and/or adolescents in the development of their talents, can apply. Projects by children and adolescents, associations (also associations of schools) and community groups can participate. The cost of the project must not exceed 5000. The first 25 projects that received 250 votes, will be rewarded with up to 500 starting capital. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as John Mclaughlin by clicking through.

Christiane Stenger: “all children should get the opportunity, even playful all their artistic skills in the field of dance, drama, music, try painting or sculpture.” Memory champion Christiane Stenger is one of Germany’s brightest minds the only 26 year old Christiane Stenger. From 1999 to 2003 was Christiane Stenger multiple (junior) world champion in memory sports. With only 16 years, Christiane Stenger of the time was the youngest student of in Germany. In the years 2004 to 2009, she published several books, as well as learning systems and including became the advertising character for renowned companies such as Nintendo and Dextro energy. With her, keep in mind designed memory training”gives her knowledge in seminars Christiane Stenger to pupils, students, managers and company. Since 2012 hosted jointly with the Comedian Lutz van der Horst on ZDF neo the knowledge magazine how will I “, whose second season end of 2013 will be aired.” Kuhlmann Consulting Group headquartered in Offenbach from the Kuhlmann Consulting Group (KCG) is a consultancy that specialises in the management and the positioning of personalities and brands in the luxury segment. KBC marketed including supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg worldwide. In Germany, more celebrities such as E.g. the television presenter Jennifer are in addition to the memory champion Christiane Stenger Knable supervised.


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