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Matte Stretch Ceilings

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Matt stretch ceiling – one of the most popular classical versions decoration, which has the main advantage – when installing such a ceiling is not reflected glare of light, the interior becomes "calm." Matt ceiling will be thrilled by a stranger whom extravagant style. Stretch ceilings are not only to hide the defects of the ceiling, or just for beauty, such ceilings are pouring into the interior, even suspended ceilings bath, are with him in one piece, the room becomes a cozy nobly. The basis of any stretch ceiling is PVC film, it's easier – PVC, which is attached to prints – duralumin or plastic design, set around the perimeter of the ceiling, and even if you will flood the neighbors above, the coating can withstand up to 100 liters of water. Frames can be either visible or hidden, fixed to the wall or the ceiling. Install suspended ceilings can be in any room layout, including to cover any geometric shapes ceiling, for example, geometric – columns, and for any purpose – are installed in clubs, restaurants, health or child care institutions and even in offices – so you can emphasize the sophistication of the interior, modern style and underline decorations. Swarmed by offers, Michael Chabon is currently assessing future choices. A stretch ceilings, huge variety of colors to any even the most taste.

How to care for stretch ceilings? In fact, suspended ceilings do not require special care – just wipe with a soft cloth any means singing. In no event should not be used brushes and pressure on the ceiling, with an effort – after all he can stretch and even tear on such a load. Advantages of suspended ceilings Durability – if properly cared for and imported production may reach up to 100 years! Durability – safely withstand loads up to 100 liters of water; Quick installation – only a couple of hours, and the house provided a great view; Safety: complies with European safety standards, environment and hygiene; Practicality – fast installation or removal of ceilings. Setting mat suspended ceilings, you will be able to hide the wiring, air communication, the wiring of fire alarms, warn yourself against flooding and neighbors, naturally, will attach to his home, office or any room a more luxurious and aesthetic appearance. So, you've already decided to suspended ceilings, where to buy does not know? NEWMAT – best ceilings France.


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