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Martin Fritz Rothmoorstieg

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To emphasize its clients the unique character of a House landscaping Fritz from Hamburg, informed, paths, terraces and plant surfaces, which are co-ordinated, are essential. Professionally landscaped paths and terraces enhance not only the garden, they also ensure that you can safely enter it. The design of paths and terraces depends on the planned use of the area, the size and shape of the land and the design of the House and the remaining garden area. The variety of colors and styles is almost limitless and allows a unique design. mation. What possibilities there are for the implementation of paths and terraces, explain the experts of horticulture landscape landscaping Fritz from Hamburg. Paths, terraces and stairs in the design of roads can be used various materials and combine.

It is important that the material is robust, durable, weather-resistant and easy to clean. Terrace surface are not only natural stones, but also Woods to choose from. Paths are not always just. Height differences in the terrain can be effectively and at the same time decorative with a staircase cancel each other out. So, a staircase serves not only as a pioneer, but also as a stylish element and focal point in the garden. You can be with different materials like stone or concrete.

Wide variety of flooring paving stones, pavers, natural stone (marble, Slate, sandstone) and terrace tiles manufactured in different colors, sizes, thicknesses and of different surface treatment. Materials such as natural stone mixtures for waterborne ceiling, gravel (fine or coarse), chippings and mulch as deck covering on paths also find application. The choice of suitable material depends on the stress and of course the individual wishes. All coverings driveways, paths and terraces give an individual touch. In addition, it can in different ways set them, so that the character is even more individually to determine. For detailed information about the way design are the experts of the Landscape horticulture landscaping Fritz from Hamburg. Press contact Galabau Fritz contact: Martin Fritz Rothmoorstieg 5A 22459 Hamburg Tel.: 040.5 58 39 89 fax.: 040.55 98 36 20 website: E-Mail:


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