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It imposes at Wembley to Manchester United in the Champions League final. He has won two Champions in the past three years and has ten titles with Guardiola. In addition to his triumphs, his way of logralos, with a beautiful and offensive football stands out. Now he wants to keep winning and try to become the best team in history. The triumph of Barca in the final of the Champions League is the triumph of a style. The affection to the ball, the touch, not raffling a ball, always give priority to the game of attack and not speculate on the outcome. PEP Guardiola has developed over these three years a faithful to his idea of soccer team, and the results have not been made wait, turning Barca into the best team of the moment and one of the best in history. Their two Champions in three years confirmed their dominance in European football.

Powerful English football, nor the new Real Madrid led by Jose Mourinho have been able to curb the powerful offensive football from Barca in this triennium. Only Inter, specifically trained by the Portuguese, was able to last year to stop the boat thanks to an anthological cerrojazo at the Camp Nou. The duel against Manchester United was also the duel with the other large European team of recent years. The Red Devils have three finals in four years and they aspired to be them that confirmed its supremacy in continental football, but it was not. Cule triumph in Rome in 2009 before the Ferguson was a precedent and this victory confirms that Barca are today per today the best team on the continent and the world. But FC Barcelona aims to continue this cycle, mark an epoch in world football and become the best of the best. At the moment, already is the team that most admired by the game that displays, now he wants to continue with the hits to become the best team in history. Source of the news: El Barca confirms its European hegemony, it is the triumph of a style


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