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Maintain Healthy Breasts

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You're concerned about pain, burning, heaviness, increased sensitivity, or simply uncomfortable in the mammary glands? You think that there is palpated some education, seals, or occasionally arise discharge from the nipples? All this – a reason for visit to doctor-mammologist. The fact that all of the above symptoms may be a sign of serious illness – mastopathy. According to statistics, it affects up to 60 – 80% of women worldwide. Click camden treatment associates to learn more. Just think: eight out of ten women will sooner or later face this disease! In this case, unfortunately, not all go to the doctor, hoping for a 'maybe': it is not constantly worried about not much – a few pobolelo days before menstruation and passed. Many women find it commonplace, and yet cunning mastitis is a disease that refers to precancerous, that is, his background may develop a malignant tumor breast cancer. Breast disease – a disease in which the mammary gland form of tissue expansion in the form of seals and cysts that can palpable in the chest in the form of small nodules. Most of the time they can Do not disturb a woman, and therefore did not even noticed. But it is some time – months, maybe years – and gradually, over 2-3 days before menstruation, these seals are starting to become painful. Pain can 'give' in the armpits and often accompanied by discharge from the nipple – usually transparent or yellowish. In pronounced cases the pain can become so strong that even light touch to the breast cause discomfort.


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