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You will learn something about communication with your dog, not in the esoteric sense, but scientifically proven and easily comprehensible. Learn with fun to watch your dog with other eyes, learn how easy is a phenomenal life with dog. This Workinar will be a unique experience for you, which opens up new perspectives for you. Are you ready for new experiences? Then come to Stade to the dog guru Workinar. Location: 21684 Stade / Lower Saxony (details will be with the confirmation of registration announce) date: 05 July 2008 start: 10:00 end: open fee per subscriber: 89.00 euro holder 20% (discount of animal shelter dogs) (limited number of participants. This Workinar takes place only once and is not repeated!) About dog guru: Angie Mienk, known as only self-confessed dog guru and… controversial.

direct. unique. Dog guru teaches the universal principles to the < > simple and hilarious way. As Guru = teacher asked for courses, dog guru unvarnished truth full of humor and humor full truth delivers seminars and workshops, as well as the “Workinare” (seminars + courses + workshops = Workinare). Provocative, interesting and funny. and anything but boring.

just like in the popular articles and books. The phenomenal philosophy to the < > made easy for anyone who is ready to bring some fun in his life. for dog lovers and holder for the very curious for coaches, and really courageous Dr. Angie Mienk is born as a German in Deming nm /. United States and raised alternately in the United States and Germany. Father and grandfather were dog trainers for customs, police, army and very successful. Always there were at least 2 own dogs in the family and one or two that were training there. Angie Mienk studied first two semesters to animal psychology, veterinary medicine and then human psychology (his in 2004 in the United States) in the United States (in the United States, a recognized profession on the basis of one university student in connection with) Human psychology and Behavorismus.) At the same time, Angie completed an apprenticeship to the professional dog trainers in a large Kennel (breeding, training, K9). The experience of temporarily over 60 supposedly maladjusted dogs, she met the principle of LOA and NLP (which there was previously only for people) and transferred this to dogs and their people. According to these principles, she teaches since over 1000 dogs around the world thank the gentle and harmonious dealing with dogs already. Now have 15 dogs Angie and her family. See all videos and courses, and w i just may be the life. “Animal and human psychology just belong together you can not treat a dog that lives so closely with a people together, by his human family”. As environment”characterizes the man, so man is the dog. If the dog owner knows what it is, he can easily treat his dog (see instructions). A maximum of 5 units need training and therapy for the dog guru normal”dog training requires years of weeks, months often.” Quote from an interview with Angie Mienk.


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