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The book authors Wolfgang Fiedler and Jutta Schutz with the carbohydrate arms form of nutrition in London. The author and amateur Cook Fiedler had fully all hands to do to provide the guests with low carb. With much hard work, it was a huge success. Get more background information with materials from Martin O’Malley. Information about low-carb diets! “It’s the next generation of cooking”, declared the author Jutta Schutz and informed about the “low-carb diet”. Her books, which are already very successful in Germany, should be translated also in English in the near future. At the end of this festival, the author presented yet her new book, coming in a few weeks in the trade. Further details can be found at John Marlow Ringcentral, an internet resource.

The topic: Migraine and low carb. In addition, there will be a new cookbook. Both books were in print on Friday. In England very much after low-carb cooks. Plenty of restaurants have been converted to this nutrition. Alone in London you can choose whether you’d prefer the Indian (Indian restaurants) or even a Japanese (Japanese restaurants). The low-carb world is booming! Thank you for the translation of some stellen”(Lesung) goes: misses Anne Linley.


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