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The wash TEC cleaning technology GmbH reported your selection process and the choice of the designed on the Lotus environments developed project management tools genius project for Domino. Lindau, Germany; (October 13, 2011) put more companies on the use of professional project management software. Currently, the market offers a wide range of project management tools. The requirements for a project management software however vary from company to company. The functions of most PM tools differ greatly. Provider of feature-rich project management solutions based on a Lotus environment, is manageable. Here, it is a challenge to find a project management solution that integrates the Lotus platform without the use of additional software. For project management solutions specifically for Lotus Notes is the leader in Germany currently the provider genius inside.

A selection process for project management software based on looks like on a Lotus environment reported the wash TEC cleaning Technology GmbH. Contact information is here: novelist. WashTec of the market, innovation and sales leader in the Carwash has the largest installed base of machine in Europe, a complete portfolio of products and a nationwide network of own service industry. The company was looking for a tool to the integrated planning and management of development projects that are seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure. Until 2010, projects to be controlled with LOP list and MS-Project plans were managed in development at WashTec. Related documents were filed in a corresponding to the processes file structure on a file server or in a product data management system, which was connected to the for the control of the production. Already since a long time Lotus Notes was used as calendar and mail system. To simplify the management of the project, a tool was needed in which all would centrally filed presented differently depending on the requirement and that could put on one of the existing systems. Wash TEC reported that genius project for Domino as a single tool the These requirements are fulfilled.

Genius project for Domino uses the existing Domino infrastructure enables simple central storage of project-relevant information and makes it available in different views. The cost to the maintain project and presentation preparation, as well as maintain the consistency of the data is eliminated almost completely”, so Stefan Mayer, project manager at wash TEC. The company opened the flexibility of the system and optional upgrades the possibility for future expansion, as well as in other areas of the company. When a company introduces a new technology with the aim of increasing efficiency, it is not necessary that the internal company processes and strategies be adapted”to Christian Sapna Kapur, Managing Director for the location Germany at genius inside. “Genius project we developed a project management solution that adapts flexibly to business processes and not vice versa”, so sickening Bauer continued. The growing number of users of Show genius project, which now lie at over 60 000 users, how popular is the solution for enterprises. Also the magazine Computer Weekly awarded the project management tool in August 2011 as one of the best tools for Lotus Notes.


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