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The module features a pilot lasers, as well as an internal performance monitoring. Through an industrial housing, as well as a pluggable high fiber, the 200 Watt module for direct material processing, like for example is ideal, hardening of functional surfaces or to the welding of plastics. Due to the high brightness and excellent life, this engine as a pump source is perfectly usable. JenLas D2.fs a femtosecond laser for industrial manufacturing of medical components. Benefits, which allow new processes for the production of complex, small structures in existing but also new hitzeempfindlicheren materials caused by the application of Ultrashort-pulse technology in medical technology. These positive effects are less thermal damage such as, for example, no melting effects, as well as a minimal heat affected zone. In focus, especially the processing of bio-absorbable polymers as Polyactide (PLA) are at the Stentherstellung next to the classic work of shape memory alloys with a diameter of less than 300 micrometers and thickness of maximum 100 micrometres.

With the femtosecond laser JenLas D2.fs, smallest cut column can be reached by the processing of about 10 micrometres. The machining processes are safe due to a defined material removal, as well as the prevention of thermal damage. The use of JenLas D2.fs is also advantageous when precision drilling of medical components such as endoscopes, implants and catheters. Continue to be even finer structures obtained during drilling of biomedical filters or opened up new fields of application in the area of biochemical processes with the processing of electrodes made of Platinum alloys. Future applications of the JenLas D2.fs in the medical field are the surface structuring for optimized tissue growth help or generating Lotus effects, as well as the production of lab-on-a-chip products. JenLas D2.fs is ideal for use under industrial conditions. Amortize the investment cost of the laser quickly by saving post-processing processes like for example a complex mechanical Burr removal and an increased output in the production processes.


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