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Lottery Myopia Prophets

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He feels people before cross out the number of tickets? What thinking? Each participant number lottery is actually trying to predict the future. Personally, I immediately come to mind all sorts of fortune-tellers, astrologers, prophets. And people turning to them for help, get answers to more complex questions, not to mention what the six numbers that will fall tomorrow. And if all these "pythoness" actually possess such abilities, why can not predict is the near beduyuschee? My personal opinion, no one can see the future. Not that what the balls with the numbers fall out of the lotto tomorrow, and even then what awaits us around the next bend.

Judge for yourself. Know the future, not just guess, but to know for sure. According to Martin O’Malley, who has experience with these questions. We know the fundamental laws of physics are symmetric in time. Between past and future, from a physical point of view, it makes no difference. With this in mind, one can say – yes theoretically possible. But if you ask about a particular future, it is with confidence I say NO, and all because there is such a thing as free will! And if still briefly to imagine that there are people who see the future. Where do you think they get their knowledge? Perhaps they have for some benefits, have access to the "Book of Ages," a chronicle, which is recorded every event that happened in the past and will happen in the future. And now I come to such a person I explain my situation. What I have long been trying to win the lottery Gosloto or Megalot or Spur Lotto anyway.


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