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The option of integrated kitchen and dining room is very practical for everyday use in both spaces, in which raw materials the need for elaborate dishes quickly and serve them as quickly as possible. If the kitchen is not very big, the adjoining room as a dining room by removing a bulkhead or opening an arc can be integrated. But even in small kitchens, it is possible to locate a minicomedor table with folding chairs. There are folding tables attached to the wall or that they are hidden in a kitchen cabinet and even in a drawer. Dining room another very common option is integrating the dining room to the living room and placed as close to the first kitchen.

In this case, we must try to dining room to remove the smallest space possible to the classroom. Place the table and chairs in a corner (preferably near the window), next to the wall or integrate a terrace or Gallery to the classroom with this area destined for dining are some options. Distributing furniture should take into account the spaces that should be free, they are step, access to furniture or that allow, for example, remove the Chair to sit (approx. 60 cm between the Chair and the wall). Placing a sideboard with doors near the table (very handy for storing plates and cutlery), should take into account the angle of opening of these. Choose the table election of furniture also helps maximize space.

If the dining room is small it should not be dismissed, for example, use one table extendable, folding dining room or join a wall. You must also keep in mind that some materials visually weigh more than others. In general, the smaller the space, lighter is advisable as chairs and tables. For example, a table with glass top is a lighter view than a wood. Ways and measures the length of the table will be determined by the number of guests that must support (estimated that each requires 60 cm approximately). So the dining table is practical is recommended 90 cm wide, although they also are common in 80 or 100 cm. In terms of forms, round tables are more suitable for small spaces because, in proportion, fit more diners than in a square. Contact information is here: Residents Energy. Both one and another fit well in a square room. Recommended model of this form instead, if the plant is rectangular or oval. Appropriate chairs a seated person occupies a space of approximately 76 cm wide. With this data, it is possible to calculate how many chairs can be included in the selected table. In this sense, it must remember that chairs with arms occupy more space than the simple. It is also important to think about the visual effect that produce materials and colors. For example, chairs of lines straight, thin legs (of aluminium, for example), grid or barred backs and light colors are lighter visually that which are all wood, upholstered, with very high backs and dark colors. Dining room for your home should be practical above all, leaves those old and pompous eaters that were located in a solitary way in a room.


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