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This project is organized in the following way: introduction and justification; theoretical consideraes of the Aesthetic one of the Reception and the Theory of the Effect, Hans R. Jauss and Wolfgang Iser, respectively, of the School of Constana, Germany; description of the methodology proposal for the development of the Workshop of Reading, as well as some theoretical consideraes on the metodolgica option; final description of the work proposal and consideraes. 2 PASSAGE TERICO2.1 Literature The quarrel that searchs a conception of what it is literature is sufficiently old. Amongst some existing ones, professed it by the literary critic is distinguished Antonio Candido: The art, and therefore literature, are a transposition of the Real for the ilusrio by means of a formal estilizao, that considers an arbitrary type of order for the things, the beings, the feelings. In it if they combine an element of entailing to the natural reality or social, and a manipulation element technique, indispensable to its configuration, and implying a gratuitousness attitude.

Gratuitousness in such a way of the creator, at the moment to conceive and to execute, how much of the receiver, at the moment to feel and to appreciate. This occurs in any type of art, civilized primitive or (CANDIDO, 1985, p.53). The art always passes for a particular optics of its creator not being able, therefore, to be faced as faithful representation of the Real. The Real constitutes a way for the perception it artist supplying to it elements to be transformed into a work of art. It is not property of it to make a description of the Real despite, many times, the reader can be taken to believe that this is possible. In the instant where the artist transfers its sensations of the Real to the paper, screen, or sculpture, it is not more the Real that if can see, even so if it can verify and same to identify aspects that seem to belong to the Real, therefore is the representation of the modified Real there, according to point of view of the artist who the recria.


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