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Lipp Phase

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Phase of alert alarm or: initial moment at which the organism identifies the causer and mobilizes a fast organic reply for the confrontation. If the organism to surpass the estressor agent, will return to the homostasis, in case that contrary, will evolve for the second phase; Phase of resistance: the signals of the phase of alarm, independent of the permanence or of the estressor disappear, not being able to evolve for the homostasis or the third phase; Phase of exhaustion: the .causing agent remains and the organism is not capable to eliminate it or to adapt itself adequately, being able the signals, of the alarm phase to return more accented, becoming the organism susceptvel the illnesses. Although Selye has divided the SAG in three stages, in a study of Lipp8, after fifteen years of research, one fourth phase, that if develops enters the phase of resistance and of exhaustion, called of almost-exhaustion was identified. In this phase it has weakness and incapacity of the individual in resisting or adapting it the estressor, being able to appear light problems of health, that do not incapacitate it. It estresse it in the work environment is decurrent of the insertion of the individual. ' ' work, beyond making possible satisfaction, growth, transformation, recognition and personal independence, also cause insatisfao problems, disinterests, apathy and irritao' '.

Being thus, the work must be something pleasant, with the minimum requirements for the performance and the quality of life them individuals. The nurse has as work agent the man, and, as subject of action, the proper man. It has a narrow linking between the work and the worker, with the direct and uninterrupted experience of the process of pain, death, suffering, desperation. The raised load of work is the more prominent estressor agent in the activity of the nurse, also having internal conflicts between the team and the lack of endorsement of the professional, being the indefinio of its paper a somatrio factor to the estressores.


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