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Letter To The Commander Of The Army

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Letter to the Commander of the Military Army acts, executes or produces its duties, under ORDER. It exempts of the yoke of the subordination, if esquiva, if it omits; either for comodismo, indifference or fear. It has honrosas exceptions. Here in the Military Vestibule, where the users, are not under the command of nobody, are well clear the mentioned positions. No idea, no movement, is good sufficient to sensetize and to mobilize adepts. In number that really can make difference! Never! Here never it avenged nothing that if planted. The mind of the military is infertile lands. The Esquiva, the Omission, the Comodismo, the Indifference and the Fear, are not part of the routine of the Caserna.

Because then this dubiousness in acting. All the military know that the practised Esquiva, Omission, Comodismo, Indifference and the Fear outside of the Caserna, had allowed the degradation of the Nation, the FFAA and the Military Family. We do not have representatives in the National Congress, the President it disdains in them, it does not have lobby for the FFAA. Or we articulate or soon we will be equal to the People Cuban! I sent a letter to the Commander of the Army; this in itself, does not mean nothing! A letter is alone. if thousands of copies will be sent? With certainty it will occasion the desired effect. The current conjuncture demands singular Attitude of the military. ‘ makes to be valid its; ‘ juramento’ ‘? or then it dishonours? with: The Esquiva, the Omission, the Comodismo, the Indifference and the Fear and leave for its children the nightmare of the Totalitarianism.

The FFAA alone act in defense of the Native land for popular acclamation; as in 1964. The people is torpifyed. Let us make the time of the people. To start, I ask for to all, send the letter for the addresses: Addressee: Brazilian army webmaster@ exercito.gov.br; Cc CMT of the Force cmtex@ gabcmet.eb.mi l.br; EMEx emechefe@ eme.eb.mi l.br; CMA cma@ exercito.gov.br; CMDO9RM cmdcmdo9rm@ 6cta.eb.mi l.br; CML e5impcml@ veloxmail.com.br; CMNE cmne@ exercito.gov.br; CMO e5cmo@ 6cta.eb.mi l.br; CMP quintacmp@ yahoo.com.br; CMS; CMNE cmne@ exercito.gov.br; Military club 1vice@ clubemilitar.com.br; CPEx cpex@ sef.eb.mi l.br; 1 GEC e51gec@ veloxmail.com.br; Esc Aperf Official esao@ gbl.com.br; Military club comsocial@ clubemilitar.com.br;; imprensa@ cml.eb.mi l.


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