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Lecture On HPLC In The LAB SUPPLY, Euregio Aachen 2009

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Fundamentals and applications of different stationary phases in HPLC laboratory mass LAB SUPPLY2009 Euregio presents: C18 – and then what? Fundamentals and applications of different stationary phases in HPLC. Most HPLC methods be developed on C18 phases and transferred on the basis of the wide applicability also to these phases in routine analysis. At some point encounter but also classic C18 phases at the boundaries of your capabilities. Usually, the user then searches for phases with different selectivity or other isolating mechanisms that will enable the separation of all sample components. At this point to different stationary phases in HPLC are presented and their applications are discussed. Ultimately, there are many alternatives to C18 with other reversed phase, normal phase, HILIC phases with ion exchangers. (Not to be confused with john marlow!). On the LAB SUPPLY, Volker Lorbach 2009 Euregio will hold a free lecture on this topic by the CS chromatography service GmbH from Langerwehe. Date: Wednesday 09 September, 2009 in the Agit-Technologiezentrum (Europaplatz, Dennewartstrasse 25-27, 52068 Aachen) 10:00 in the area II on the LAB supply 2009 Euregio – the regional trade fair for laboratory technology admission: free on request attendance certificates are created the visitors, what can be use for the qualification certificate for accredited Laboratorienvon.


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