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Learning To Read

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Not so long ago my parents had an absolute conviction that children should learn to read in school. Many primary school teacher and is now protesting. They do not approve of the desire of parents to send their children to first grade already reading. But today, the parents themselves do not agree with the old curricula and textbooks. They want their children clever and successful. And instead of relying on the school, at your own risk and are the first teachers of their children, teaching them to diapers and numeracy, that is, to what had started to teach at school. Child psychology and pedagogy in recent years have made a serious step forward. Now it is no secret that a child can be taught to read not only in not necessary.

Careless parents – too. Even the kids do not know what they need. But they know very well that they do not need! They never needed during wakefulness is idle and does not receive any information! They can not physically every day quietly contemplating the same bare ceiling, when we attribute their diapers and leave alone. They can not sit in an arena in which, as in a cage, we try to sit down. They can not do nothing! They can not grow! They can not learn! They can not be free in their unrestrained desire to learn about the world! The old has many repeat the dogma that the development and training – these are things different.


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