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* Later we selected a number in milliseconds, for example 200. 7 It deactivates sounds of the system If you really do not need the sounds Windows, you can deactivate them to secure to major speed: * We go to beginning and we wrote mmsys.cpl * Later in the eyelash of sounds we will find a menu called combination of sounds where we will choose without sounds (thus you avoided the annoying predetermined sounds of the operating system). * To accept 8- To clear beginning programs Between but programs they begin along with Windows, but to take in initiating this, that is why he is better to deactivate the programs than not necessarily they must start at the same time as Windows 7: * We go to beginning and we wrote msconfig and we beat to enter * In the beginning eyelash we can clear the popcorn to the programs that we do not wish that they begin. 9 Deshabilita Aero in Windows From Vista Windows a graphic function called Aero, a series of characteristics is used that consume many resources of the system, but remarkably improve the appearance of Windows, but that nothing by the transparencies in our programs. * We straight do click anywhere of the writing-desk and selected To personalize * In the eyelash window color we deactivated the option to qualify transparencies. 10- Deshabilita unnecessary services Many services occupy resources and probably you do not use them, in Black Viper has published a list of services that you can stop, for it is necessary to realise the following thing: * We go to beginning and we wrote services.msc * Later we looked for the service that we did not need, by means of click straight in we can choose if we want that one begins with Windows or simply to stop it. Official site: Michael Chabon. This I complete step unique is recommended for users but advanced, the conclusion of a service can have some problems if he is not the suitable one.


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