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D21 LAB: Flash/Earth (Fabian Bechtle and Jan Mammey) cooperation project of the two Leipzig artist Fabian Bechtle and Jan Mammey. They deal in the exhibition with the former commentator on the Teufelsberg in Berlin, a place for decades is a blind spot on the map now for the varied and sometimes bizarre-looking history of post-war Germany. Where today the Berlin Teufelsberg rises, was part of the Nazi project of world capital Germania”from 1937 the institution building of the Defense Department, whose massive masonry structures still under the mountain store. Shortly after the second world war, the plant was blown up. To prevent a further use of the remaining building remains, was the area from 1950 to the landfill for 12 million cubic meters of rubble.

After the deposition in the year 1972, the landscape was planted with a million trees. The Berlin Senate had winter sports. After the recreational area was completed. the army discovered the mountain as a superb location for a commentator. These five antenna domes were built, adopted monitoring tasks until far in the area of the Warsaw Pact during the cold war. Thus was born with the field station Berlin”one of the most effective and most secret espionage systems of the cold war.

Most of the technical equipment was dismantled after the German reunification. As the owner of the premises, the Berlin Senate sold the area of the former monitoring station for 5.2 million DM to the Cologne investor community Devil Mountain KG (IGTB). The construction of condominiums, restaurants, sports facilities, which was planned a 5-star hotel, as well as a Spy Museum. The project failed. Since April 2006, the site according to the Berlin land use plan ‘Forest’ so not high country. End of February 2008 the Maharishi movement planned the purchase of the site and expected that the district building law for a “Vedic University of peace” with a total 24,000 Square meters and a 50-metre “Tower of invincibility” for 1000 students would grant. The film director David Lynch himself wanted his Foundation David Lynch Foundation for consciousness-based education and World Peace”involved in the financing of the project and laid the symbolic cornerstone.


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