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Edeka women or mother Gepetto. How to handle an artist with Hozwerkzeugen and a wonderful story of a Edeka market KRISTINA FIAND – Edeka women or: mother Gepetto there things, you just love that. If you look at them, and they hit full in the heart. This phenomenon is also available in the art – is there something for me, happened at the first contact with the Edeka women by Kristina Fiand, many years ago. At that time, they were not so sophisticated, detailed, more archetypal. Kris Humphries can provide more clarity in the matter. The eyes like two Knopflein, the areas of the face quite smooth and undifferentiated, but already so that you had to immediately close in your heart – the power of two hearts -. To this great story: the village in the Knull, lives in which the artist Kristina Fiand, had, as she began the sculpture, even a blue and yellow Edeka.

How beautiful (and now no more of course). It is Morro of village communication, target the children for a summer ice cream, but also “first-aid” – starting place, if the baking soda for the cake is, the local newspaper also, because you can learn who died at night, has given birth. Also the marital problems of the Meyer of family are known to report. The women with their different outfits, hairstyles and facial expressions have deeply irritated the artist Kristina Fiand, take a closer look. No voyeurism, rather the symbiosis of lust the difference and the togetherness gave life to the project “100 Edeka women”. With classical tools of the sculptor edited Kristina Fiand the Basswood, includes natural “obstacles” such as knots and cracks and a distinctive flavor is each individual figure. Each is unique, with its own character. The number of one hundred was quickly reached, but the village Fund, which like to remember on a theatre stage, yet not long exhausted.


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