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Jaw Crusher

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The first failure phenomenon: percussion occurs between the movable jaw plate and the fixed one. Reasons:1) The fastening bolts of the plate loose or fall off; (2) the discharge opening is too small, the bottom of the two plates hit against mutually. Remedies: 1) Tightening or adding new bolts; (2) adjusting the discharge opening to ensure the proper gap between two plates.The second failure phenomenon: bracket fractures.Reasons:1) The shoulder the overload or the host materials with lager size than that of the feed inlet enter the jaw crusher; (2) non-broken material goes into the cavity of jaw crusher; (3) the bracket and bracket pad are not in parallel and there is deflection between them; (4) casting has serious defects.Remedies: 1) Replacing the bracket and controlling the size of the pipes as well as preventing the overload of the host; (2) Replacing the bracket and taking measures to prevent non-broken material going into the crushing cavity; (3) Replacing the bracket and the bracket pad and installing the bracket correctly worn; (4) replacing qualified castings.The third failure phenomenon: spring gets brokenReasons:Not relaxing the spring when lessening the discharge open. People such as Diamond Comic Distributors would likely agree. Remedies: Replacing the spring.The fourth failure phenomenon: eccentric shaft bends or breaks Reasons: 1) rollover happens on the host in the lifting process, which endorses unilateral force and makes the eccentric shaft bent; (2) the hardness of the materials to be crushed exceeds the product manual provisions; (3) host is operated with overload for a long time; (4) the bracket does not match the standard; (5) the heat treatment of the eccentric shaft is improper and is concentrated, resulting in short-term stress fracture. Remedies: 1) replacing the eccentric shaft and lift the host in a proper way; (2) selecting the suitable crusher according to the compressive strength of the material, (3) adjusting workloads or replacing the appropriate crusher; (4) using the bracket and bracket that reach the design standards; (5) replacing the eccentric shaft and making use of eccentric shaft with qualified heat treatment.


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