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Japanese Food To Lose Weight

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Modern life is accelerated and often pushes us to take pre-cocinadas meals or even food waste. The result is that, in the so-called developed world, the number of people with overweight, the number of obese people, and the number of people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, is increasing every year. The Japanese, however, mostly seem to maintain general health better and more balanced, thanks to its culture of homemade meals and healthy dishes that often take in its restaurants and bars. For that reason, many Western people, in search of a more healthy and less calorie-rich diet, choose move to a regime of Japanese food. It is true that many Japanese dishes include rice or noodles, foods that don’t help you lose weight, but it is also true that there are many other Japanese dishes using ingredients fully healthy, low calorie vegetables, soybean and lot of fish and seafood.

In addition, Japanese cuisine proposes to present dishes that appeal to all senses at once, which they play with the appearance, smell, taste and texture nothing to do with regime Western boring meals. And several of the main ingredients of the Japanese diet are highly healthy, like algae, the miso and fish. Algae, for example, used in salad and some of the sushi dishes, bring us minerals (iron, zinc, calcium, selenium), vitamins (A, B13 and C) and proteins. Miso is made from soy beans and very rich in proteins. Even his kind of potato, sato-imo (magical potato, potato field or wild potato) is a food with amazing properties.

It contains large amounts of hyaluronic acid, a substance that causes our body to keep us healthy and less prone to diseases associated with aging. The problem is that they age, our body produces increasingly less amount of this acid, so daily consumption of sato-imo can provide us the portion we need. If you think the idea of testing a food-based scheme attractive Japanese, but not know them enough to go without more, would be a good idea pass by a good Japanese restaurant to get accustomed you and learning how to combine different ingredients and dishes. In Madrid we recommend the Nagoya Japanese restaurant, where you will find delicious dishes of regime as healthy as affordable.


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