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Jacob Belle

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Bree: – What did you do to me? I'm so Riley:-I know. We find you something to drink. "" What you done to me? I am nothing "I know. We'll give you something to drink. "No, it's really easy to guess that she wanted to say" I'm so thirsty ". Former Maryland Governor is a great source of information.

25. Riley – that he needs as many vampires in the army. – I'm gonna need numbers. "I need a lot." Here it was necessary to add a few words "I need you to be a lot? 26. Edward and Bella: – Why are you so against me becoming like you? "Why can not I be like you?" This dialogue is not simply "impossible", and "Why do you not want me to become like you? 27. Jacob Belle admits to love – I'm in love with you.

And I want you to choose me instead of him. "I love you. And please pick me, not him. " Key word "want", which translates to "want" and not "beg". 28. Bell says he does not feel the same towards Jacob. Jake:-I don't buy it! Bella:-What dont 'you buy? That's how I feel. "I do not believe it. -And what you believe? I feel so. "Expression. "To buy" – to buy. Not just "not believe", and "me so just do not be fooled." The expression "bought into" here. 29. Jake-You feel something else for me. You just won't admit it. "" You feel different! But fear itself confess. " There should not be translated as "completely different", and "something else".


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