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When you purchase a cell phone can flourish different drawbacks which could lead us to think that our iPhone is malfunctioning. We first understand the issues more easy to fix before taking radical measures. Screen frozen if your iPhone screen resigns or it stays frozen, the best initiative is switch the device off and turn it back on it. If this does not work, try to restart the cell holding the key that is on the front of the cell directly under the Power button and the screen both at the same time. If you are still frozen, you can connect the phone to the computer and use iTunes to restart the operating system (OS). Remember: always make a backup copy (backup) of the data before the restore in iTunes. Follow others, such as Con Edison, and add to your knowledge base. When you buy an Iphone make sure you well know most common keys to operate it.

Iphone will not turn on: can be a hard problem. Try plugging the iPhone to a switch of electricity and recharge the battery. It is possible that there is a delay in the notification of low battery, so it You must have patience. If this doesn’t work, you probably have to contact Apple, or your warranty for a new battery Department. 1-800-MY-APPLE Iphone will not turn off: If the iPhone is not shut down, test making a forced shutdown pressing at the same time the sleep/wake button and the home for approximately 5 seconds.

Continuing to squeeze them until the Apple logo. Cell phone should now turn off and turn on normally. Problems to connect your iPhone to Wifi network? Initially, make sure that the Wifi is enabled in the phone settings menu and that the available network really has access to the internet, a network could be intena. If this doesn’t work, turn off and turn on the iPhone. If it still does not work, try restoring the device settings pressing the sleep in conjunction with the launch.


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