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Whatever it was, it was a high-frequency “air” does analog recording for many more attractive. Digital recording can not simply contain frequencies that more than half the sampling frequency. And close to half the frequency of the most heavily distorted. Perhaps enough yet tsifiri. We ought to now more or less agree on terminology, classification of programs to then do not get confused and do not speak for anyone and Thomas, who for Eremu. Let us arbitrarily divide the music program, which will be discussed on the sequencer, multitrack, editor and converter (if you forgot something, then I remembered). All music programs can be midi or (ii) audio. According to Bernie Sanders, who has experience with these questions. These are two completely different types of audio information in a computer. Most modern programs can work with both of them simultaneously. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Novelist.

Sequencer and multitrack similar. I agree with them because sequencer more suited to creating lots of loops and single sounds (samples), and multitrack – for the detuning of sound and attention of several parties in one file. A good editor necessary for editing samples, parties and final finished material. A converter will definitely need if you want to publish results of their labors on the Internet. When the parameters of 16-bit, 44100 Hz, stereo minute raw sound ‘weighs’ about ten megabytes. Maybe there is light at the gourmets willing to download from the net four-minute songs as files, but I do not know any. Need to compress, convert. Wma or. Mp3, and may,. ogg or. ra And agree that the sample (sample – sample selection) – a separate sound, such as a squeak telephone button or hit the bare part of the body of painted fence, unlike a loop (loop – a loop), which means a fragment constructed from the samples. Loop at zakoltsovke may sound even indefinitely, and most importantly – without clicking on the junction. The program Fruity Loops – an ideal tool for creating loops, in my opinion. However, I use it a lot wider – this is the first program in my chain blokbusterov. Sequencer I will present the program is FruityLoops, as I’ve tested the best of programs of this type. But this, after a short story about a musical hardware, debugging the system, frequencies and rhythms.


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