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I have read many articles which are given in several opinions with respect to when should initiate children into the music itself, for example to learn to play an instrument, learn musical notes among others, one of my biggest dreams is to make my daughter’s an expert in music, that feel with the same passion that I do, who appreciate her as something more than a beautiful sound, and that is when they begin to be around in my head millions of doubts and concerns, among them: what would be the appropriate instrument so start in music, how to know that musical inclinations have, what would be the musical style to start children, how to recognize if you have interest in musicAt what age you should start learning itself to learn to play an instrument. How to teach him to make it with love more not as an obligation. Among many more. I have read articles that recommend the 5 years minimum to start on this, but there are cases that already begin to dominate at age 3 some points of the music. In my personal opinion on all music manifestations the expressiveness and communication should prevail as experiential means learn the art of sounds. I leave the field open to receive the words of those who wish to contribute ideas, experiences and suggestions to begin an enriching exchange in their views on this topic that can help us in one way or another to many people who love this art.


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