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For years we have been listening to that the 21st century would be the Asian century, led by China and the India. We read this so often on economic pages of international newspapers that you get to ask you if it is not more than a form of propaganda. Franchise direct has recently visited New Delhi and Mumbai (formerly Bombay) and can say with some certainty that the future lies in India, especially as far as franchises are concerned. Aside from the great number of inhabitants residing in India, more than one billion, the country’s growth also comes given by the growing economy that soon will convert in the third world power India and its middle class, which is set up increasingly in the West, especially in the United States and its culture. The majority of young people with purchasing power of the India have spent time in the United States or Great Britain and have acquired the taste and interest products, food and Western services. In what refers to the panorama of the franchise, this is growing very quick. After traveling through Mumbai and New Delhi mainly to foot, unable to verify that franchises that both Indian and foreign, are, are mainly food.

Many people still opt to buy food from street vendors, but increasingly more people are looking for something cheaper, Western food. The Indian market of the franchise is perfectly regulated and the India Franchise Association provides its members a great support. The India cares increasingly by brands and you can see both the name and the design of their franchises. Today, the challenge for Indian franchises is the create a brand so known as it is McDonald s or Cartridge World. And we believe over time they will get it. If you are interested to know more about the industry of the franchise in the India, franchise direct (www.franquiciadirecta.com) presents a series of interesting articles with all the necessary information.


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