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What is actually happening in the beds of German women and men? Darmstadt, 28 October 2009. What is actually happening in the beds of German women and men? Obviously it is there really to the point, to women and men in foreign beds sexually have been out. That mean at least 98 percent of the men and 97 percent of women who are looking for the sexual kick outside of the relationship. They are convinced that erotic excursions to maintain the crackling tension in the relationship. This has resulted in a recent survey of partners and casual dating agency among more than 1,317 participants. Lovepoint.de wanted to know why more and more people are looking for the thrill of an erotic adventure.

Uninspiring in the sweet home is a big driving force. Almost 58 percent of men and 51 percent of women irritate new exciting inspiration during a sexual encounter with a third party. Without sex life is not worth living of which 88 per cent of the unbound men (78% of women) are convinced and an affair even prefer, if not exactly the dream partner stands in front of the door. And: sex without obligations makes a volatile adventure sexy (83 per cent men and 85! Percent women). However, good sex is not necessarily linked to erotic non-binding third encounters. At least 85 percent of men and 84 percent of men have come into the pleasure of fulfilling moments with her regular partner. About Lovepoint.de Lovepoint.de is since 1999 a leading partner and casual dating agency with over 200,000 active members. Since early 2009, Lovepoint.de as only casual dating agency bears the TuV certificate that certifies the company guaranteed certified data protection. Also, it was awarded in 2009 with eight independent online-dating tests as test winner. Lovepoint.de is the only online dating service with scientifically well-founded Personlichkeitsmatching which is free of charge for women.


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