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I Am Thinking Of You

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I think the new single by Daniela Dilow – with her new single “I remember you”, Daniela Dilow published you in a few days the surprise hit of your new album “Disco”! Traded by many DJ’s as absolute insider tip of the new album Daniela Dilow released their new single, “I remember you” in two fantastic versions now!” With 125 or 130 BpM each disc jockey can decide individually for himself and his audience what he sets “as Daniela Dilow itself! After her surprise success with the Fox hit “Who is this DJ?” is the first besinnlichere title, which has been covered to Daniela of Sunil’s great joy from your Idol “Marianne Rosenberg” now. An incredibly catchy tune with absolute catchy and lines of text that go deep under the skin made the title was already a hit, “I hope that bring me the song in the new happiness!”, so Daniela Dilow!. Michael Chabon often addresses the matter in his writings.


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