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Hydraulical Equipment

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The hydraulical equipment use for water bombardment beyond being considered clean energy, without emission of pollutants or expense with electric energy, in set with the natural landscape is considered, many of the times harmonic, propitiating beautiful landscape. For such harmony, it is necessary to establish conditions for the use of these devices. Read more here: Con Edison. An use of sheep and water wheel has been each more constant time, however, nor all the properties can use of this benefit due the limitantes factors, therefore they can not present minimum conditions to provide an adequate functioning with these equipment, either due to topographical unevenness or for excessively small outflow. The conclusions generated in the work can be of sufficient value for future projects in this area, but for this, she is necessary if to understand the subject as a whole, to understand functioning of the devices, the used estimates how much to the outflow for captation and, mainly, the necessity of supplying of a country property. 1,1 Problem For the installation of the hydraulical equipment, which necessary requirements, and the existing water course in the place can supply the property and set in motion the hydraulical equipment in the periods of estiagem, of these which is used in country properties, is really moved equipment the hydraulical energy. 1,2 Justification the hydraulical equipment use for water bombardment has been each more constant time for being considered clean equipment and to use renewable energy.

However, nor all the properties can use of this benefit due the limitantes factors, as the water course that supplies the property. Therefore it is necessary to identify in existing literature already the main requirements for use of these equipment. A time identified the requirements is necessary to inquire in field as these requirements they are applied inside of a water course. The Stream of the Cachoeirinha was chosen in virtue of its strategical localization and its size in the city of Arcs.


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