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The only exception would be that the position offered was in a field (or company) where he always wanted to work. * If the other company offers better pay, but working conditions are worse or the company is in a twist that does not please you, it’s better to earn a little less and feel good to win more and hate the work. When it does change * If current employer will not let him move towards their goals or prospects offers short, medium or long term, it is better to switch to another job to put you in a clearer path. * If there are changes in organizational structure where staff observe massive layoffs, it is best to consider another job option. * If the company is experiencing serious or severe economic problems and can be seen on the horizon a likely closure or bankruptcy, it is better to accept another job. * If you are exerting a position for years where he has performed work which does not like, but they have promised that this situation will change and time goes by and not see it, it is better to change jobs.

* If you notice that their peers and leaders criticize the work for you as soon as possible and are praised as distant, cold and even a little rude when before they were nice and friendly is a symptom that may wish to dispense with his services and would be better to evaluate the possibility to accept another job. Steps to quitting his job with dignity Should decides to give up, we recommend the following: Determine the time of notice to give to the company. Typically two weeks and a little more if it is an executive Meet with your boss to communicate his resignation. Should be prepared for this conversation which must express initencion leaving, the date of departure and the appreciation for the opportunity to work with the company’s important not to mention his intention to resign from work to his teammates before this conversation. After the meeting with your boss, you must make the letter of resignation which should be directed to your boss with a copy to human resources department. In the letter confirming his intention to retire (without delving into the reasons) and the last date of work. Provide adequate training to its successor.

You should try to give his successor all the necessary information about their responsibilities and projects not completed so it can provide continuity. In case you have not chosen a replacement for when your last day, you must indicate your availability by phone for a week or two after retiring from the company. Meet with the Human Resources department to determine what will be his last day of health coverage. If it is for any profit-sharing or a pension plan must be well informed about it. Other recommendations If you are offered a counter, you should review the reasons that led him to resign. At Dr. Mark Hyman you will find additional information. If they are valid, should continue its plan of action and politely reject. At all times be handled with professionalism. The resignations may cause resentments, but never close the doors because the company may require further references or information.


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