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Today, owners of personal saunas are more and more, this is achieved by a multitude of companies that offer building saunas. But few of them can provide the high quality of work and used materials. Our company guarantees the quality of our sauna and bath. We carry out the construction of the Finnish sauna and Russian baths, as well as through the use of modern equipment can achieve a combination of these two options. Perhaps someone has heard of saunas at home, we can make a sauna in almost every room. If your country station or station personnel at home does not allow a full sauna or bath with the construction of a separate building, then we can make an addition to your home to house a steam bath, with all necessary equipment. In this case, you can do as a Finnish sauna and Russian bath, all this will depend on your choice equipment. Besides the use of specially prepared saunas, which are collected from the panels, you can make a sauna in the apartment, while it will not take up much space and allows you to enjoy all the benefits of The traditional Finnish sauna or Russian banya.

This is also achieved by us through the design of such sauna various equipment. But all of our materials and equipment of high quality, as evidenced by a guarantee our sauna and bath. We also provide after-sale service in case of any malfunction of equipment to ensure your comfort in visiting your personal sauna. After much nicer after a day go to your sauna or bath, without leaving home. And our after sales service will extend the life of your sauna for years to come, and thus your good health and spirits every day. During the construction of a sauna or baths, our company uses only safe decorative elements, such as glass. Our glass heat resistance characteristics that can be used not only for the window in the door, but also make the door entirely of glass. Also, wiring is used only in resistant materials, thus eliminating even the smell of melting.


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